Anonymous asked:
How do you take candid shots w/o that person catching you or some1 else looking at u like a creep!? That's something I've been scared of.


I know where you are coming from, but for me I forget about that these days. I have kicked myself over the years for not taking a shot for that exact reason. People might take it as me being a creep but I see myself as capturing a moment. Some people may get bummed and some people may get happy but I think it is important to just get the shot. 

Word to ya moms. dylanjacknifephoto

A Pugs Life.

Anonymous asked:
you're a fucken babe


musickandmunchies-deactivated20 asked:
Does the bitch your seeing have a fat booty that clap all day?

Woman is a danger cat

poeta-do-caos asked:
vc é brasileiro?

I’m aboriginal! Dene Nakota Sioux.

acidiamonds asked:
what would i have to do for you to get your url??

Sorry, I had to get the url name off of someone else! Maybe in time, I will be ready to pass it over, and I will look to you when that day comes. In the meantime, you’ll just have to suffer, muhaha.